20 Worst Performances In Superhero Movies

Just awful.

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With their array of larger-than-life characters, comic book movies tend to live and die by the quality of their performances, certainly more so than other blockbuster films.

Plus, comic book fans are a particularly picky and fickle bunch, so if an actor doesn't nail the exact essence of a character, they're damn sure going to hear about it online forever more.

These 20 performances, of comic book characters both niche and iconic, in movies both good and bad (but mostly bad), have endured in infamy as textbook examples of what not to do when portraying a superhero or villain.

Veering away from what made the character so great in the first place, misjudging the tone of the material or just flat-out giving a terrible, careless performance, many of these turns may be unintentionally hysterical, but they're also genuinely some sort of the worst work put into any superhero movie to date...

20. January Jones (Emma Frost) - X-Men: First Class

Emma Frost X-Men.jpg

Though Mad Men's January Jones certainly had the look of the seductive mutant down pat, her performance aimed for ice-cool and instead ended up horrendously wooden.

In a film packed with so much character, she drained interest pretty much every time she appeared on screen, and it's widely believed by many fans that the overwhelmingly negative reception to Jones' performance is why the character was killed off-screen in the next movie, Days of Future Past.

Unfortunately Jones' considerable sex appeal can't really compensate for the fact that she seems bored and inconvenienced to even be taking part in the film, like she'd rather be literally anywhere else.


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