21 Best Films Of The 21st Century By Genre

The best of every category so far...

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The 21st century has definitely been a game changer for the cinematic world. The rise of streaming services such as Netflix altered the film landscape forever. Whether this has been a positive or negative, is in the eye of the beholder.

But for whatever changes occur in the way films are now distributed and consumed, the important thing is ensuring that products from our favourite genres keep getting made. While the likes of Science Fiction and War films are often held in high regard critically, this does not mean that the 'lesser' genres of Romance and Comic Book films can't be celebrated as well.

This list is designed to celebrate those products that have excelled in the execution of specific genres, utilising the tropes that make us love the genre in the first place. By no means is this list an outline of each genre and sub-genre used in film, but we have aimed to address the 'big ones'.

So sit back for a trip down recent memory lane for a list of the best films from the 21st Century for each genre.

21. Historical - Downfall

Jesse Eisenberg The Social Network
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While Downfall is known to most people as the one from all those funny memes, the film in itself is a truly fascinating tale. Taking us inside the final days of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi campaign, this German language film manages to portray the Führer and the SS chiefs as humans with real emotions.

We while we may see the genuine feelings they may have, we are never allowed to forget the horrifying monsters that the Nazi commanders truly were. We may be placed alongside the Nazi chiefs as their world falls apart, but we are always reminded just how different their mindsets were to normal human behaviour.

At the heart of the story is the truly short sided and simplistic nature of Hitler, whose determination to never surrender is only matched by his illogical mindset and inhumane nature. Bruno Ganz is simply phenomenal as Hitler, the raw emotion and anger breeding through his performance truly scary to watch.


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