21 Best Space Jam Mash-Ups

C'mon and slam, and hear these mashup jams.

Spacejamposter Space Jam wasn€™t really a very good movie. Or it was the greatest movie ever, depending on who you ask. Regardless of your feelings about the film itself, the 87 minute vehicle to expand on the idea of Bugs Bunny appearing with NBA great Michael Jordon to hock Nike shoes has permanently etched for itself a place in the internet subconscious. Heck, the original movie website still exists online as a living monument to the web design of the early 90€™s. But perhaps what resonates more than anything else is the theme song, as sung by the Quad City DJ€™s. In recent years, fans have taken the song and mashed it up with just about any other song they can find. Sometimes the results are as bad as you can imagine, but other times they€™re quite good, either by being funny, fitting, or even just overall pleasing to listen to. Here then are 21 different Space Jam mash-ups from YouTube that, in one way or another, simply work. For the most part, the key criteria is that it actually has to sound halfway decent, so we tried to avoid any mash-ups where it sounds like the singers are fighting for your attention by talking over one-another.
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