24 Greatest Euro Cult Screen Sirens

18. Janine Reynaud

Janine Reynaud Janine Reynaud was a beautiful French redhead with a knock-out body and considerable on-screen charisma. She started her career (as so many of the women in this list did) as a model. Janine is most associated with the oeuvre of Jess Franco. She played the role of Lorna - the dominatrix night club performer - in Franco's most highly regarded film Succubus (which Fritz Lang called the best erotic film he had ever seen). In the film, Reynaud is both strong and beautiful, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. Reynaud also appeared in several other Franco films such as Kiss Me Monster. She made a number of features in which she starred with her actor/producer husband Michel Lemoine and she was in an obscure little Giallo called Più tardi Claire... Più tardi (this translates as Too Late Claire...Too Late). Not much is known about this title, but Janine was apparently in it. She quit acting in the 1970s and currently resides in America.

17. Christina Lindberg

Christina Lindberg Christina Lindberg is an amazingly beautiful Swedish actress, who was primarily active in the 60s and 70s in the field of Swedish softcore sexploitation movies. At the age of 18, she began a career as a model in pornographic magazines - she was named Penthouse Pet in June 1970. If you are interested in Swedish Erotica, there are about 23 films starring Christina Lindberg, the best-known of which is probably Young Playthings. She also starred in several German exploitation movies - namely the fabulous Schulmädchen Report series of which I am a huge fan. These films have titillating titles (such as Was Eltern Nicht Für Möglich Halten - What Parents Don't Think is Possible) and they focus on the secret sex lives of - you guessed it - German schoolgirls. Lindberg was in Schulmädchen Teil 4 and also Mädchen die nach München Kommen (Munich Girls). She was indeed an asset to these ribald flicks. However, the role that she is primarily associated with and revered as was Frigga in the rape revenge classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture (also known as They Call Her One Eye). Quentin Tarantino is so enamoured of the film that he based aspects of Kill Bill characters "The Bride" and Elle Driver on Frigga. Lindberg is magnificent in Thriller, displaying a wider range of acting ability that you don't always see in her sexploitation films. Christina left the world of movies in the 1970s and now works as a journalist in her native Sweden.

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