24 Shots That Completely Ruined The Tone Of Classic Movie Moments

Pulp Fiction In the age of information as commodity, the internet is powered by the yearning of fans for any morsel of new information from their favourite films or video games, or celebrities, and the fourth wall that preserves the sanctity of fame and art is becoming thinner with every such release. While directors like Bryan Singer clog up Twitter with production stills hinting at character inclusions and tiny plot details without anything really substantial behind them, fans are still trawling for new things to share from classic films, delving into archives for lost scenes, cuts and re-edits and anything they can show as a sign of their dedicated fandom. The behind-the-scenes shot has become increasingly important in that context, and though we can gain some valuable insight from them when they reflect production, or hint at lost moments, there's also a million candid behind-the-scenes shots that add very little to the film. On the contrary, these candids can rob iconic scenes of impact by letting fans see new, damaging perspectives, such as a villain letting the mask slip, or the horror monster being all too human. And it is those shots that are collected in this article - they are candid shots from the sets of famous movies that completely compromise the tone of classic scenes...

Honourable Mention

Star Wars Chewy Perc And why's it only an honourable mention? Well, frankly, because the shot isn't ruining anything. It gives a more human side to the cast, especially Chewy, and let's be honest, nobody can be particularly shocked that the gigantic, testosterone dripping warrior hairball has certain needs.
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