25 Actors Who Appeared In Both Marvel And DC Movies

Ben Affleck isn't the only one...

Being the two biggest comic book companies out there, Marvel and DC enjoy a (generally) playful rivalry on the page - which has developed into something of an outright war on the screen. A big battle of the brands will occur in 2016, for example, when Daredevil season two will be made available on Netflix on March 25th, the same day that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released in cinemas. The move was surely motivated by the feud between the two studios rather than actual business sense, as it will only have the effect of putting a dent into both properties' opening day figures. Still, despite these clashes Marvel and DC have put aside their differences now and again in the past for the odd fan-pleasing crossover event, such as 2003's JLA/Avengers mini-series. Whether this is something that would ever be realised on film is a matter for debate but, in the mean time, we can enjoy the many instances when a familiar face from one of the studio's movies turns up in one of the other's. Here is every actor - a sizeable 24 - who has appeared in both Marvel and DC movies over the years.

25. Jon Favreau

It might not be the most famous example on this list, but back before Jon Favreau was teaming up with Robert Downey Jr to play Happy Hogan, he was also in Batman Forever playing one of Waynetech's underling employees. He was only briefly seen - in the scene in which Bruce Wayne meets Edward Nygma - but it's funny to think he played assistants on both sides of the divide. He also played Foggy Nelson in Marvel property Daredevil, but the less said about that the better.

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