25 Best Werewolf Movies Ever Made

Moon-howling, body-shocking, teeth-gnashing horror at its best...

An American Werewolf in London Hospital Scare
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Werewolves are very much always the bridesmaids of the monster world. While vampires, whether savage or sparkly, hog limelight as readily as they shun sunlight, they tend to shove the humble lycanthrope into the background. From Underworld to What We Do In The Shadows, Van Helsing to Twilight, Buffy to Being Human, a werewolf's lot in life seems always to be playing second fiddle to a vampire.

And if it's not vampires then it's something else. "The one with the werewolf" is unquestionably the best Harry Potter movie. But there's also no doubt that that is a "wizard movie" not a "werewolf movie".

In fact, forget about "25 Best", by now you may well be asking yourself whether there even are 25 genuinely werewolf-focused movies of even remotely decent quality?

And, yes, it is true that this list is not so easy to compile as 25 Best Zombie Movies or Vampire Movies, but that doesn't mean that there have not been the occasional moonlit nights when the perpetual monster bridesmaid has been transformed, just briefly, into a snarling hairy bride.

Whether serving as the age-old metaphor for the savagery that exists within man or perhaps for that time in a girl's life where she starts sprouting extra body hair and experiencing bloody monthly mood swings, the werewolf has proved an impressively versatile movie monster when given the chance to stand on its own. On the battlefield or the basketball court, these 25 movie werewolves are top dog

25. WolfCop

An American Werewolf in London Hospital Scare
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He's a wolf. He's also a cop. That's basically the whole pitch of this 2014 Canadian cult comedy. If you're sold on the knowingly kitschy B-movie throwback promised by the name WolfCop then this is probably the movie for you. If not, then move on.

WolfCop tells the story of an alcoholic, disengaged small town cop who is knocked out when interrupting a human sacrifice ceremony and wakes up with a pentagram carved on his chest and a whole host of lupine superpowers: sharpened senses, rapid healing, and the ability to transform into a super-strong wolf man.

Of course, he'll need to be at the peak of his powers to uncover the conspiracy that has led to the town being in the control of reptilian shapeshifters. And, like rural Irish alien invasion flick Grabbers, it turns out that the secret to defeating the villains lies in the power of consuming copious amounts of alcohol. There's never been a better time to be a drunken screw-up.

A sequel, Another WolfCop, was released in 2017 and, as promised, is very much more of the same.


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