25 Best Werewolf Movies Ever Made

23. Late Phases

An American Werewolf in London Hospital Scare
Dark Sky Films

From the werewolf in high school, we now skip to the other end of the age spectrum for a werewolf story set in a retirement community.

In Late Phases an abrasive, no-nonsense Vietnam War veteran is pushed by his son to move into a seemingly pleasant retirement community on the edge of a forest. Blind and with his only strong personal relationship being with his German Shepherd seeing-eye dog, his willful desire nevertheless to live independently his own way rubs the other elderly locals up the wrong way. But it proves essential when it comes to defending them from a marauding werewolf.

A slow burn mystery for much of its runtime as our sightless hero uses his heightened sense of hearing to try and figure out which of his neighbours is the wolf, Late Phases builds to a brash, gory last stand.

It doesn't quite do for werewolves what Bubba Ho-Tep did for mummies, lacking a little of that balance of offbeat quirkiness and sincerity about the struggles of ageing bodies, but Late Phases does well even to come close with what is one of the more original werewolf settings.


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