25 Most Iconic Bald Film Villains

Would they be so evil if they had hair?

The problem with the Academy Awards is not that they€™re rigged or that the narrow selection of nominees is unfair or that actors and moviemakers shouldn€™t be in competition anyway. The real problem is that there€™s a distinct lack of category for Best Bald Villain. This is a major issue of our modern era: each year hundreds and hundreds of worthy, cleanly-shaven baddies work their dastardly plans against the oppressive trappings of society, only to have their efforts squandered and snubbed at the Oscars and other awards shows. Oscar himself is bald, but rarely does the winner have a similar upstairs shine. Never fear! Finally, unembellished scalps of evil get their due. Something about the luminescence of a smooth head just seems to scream €œbad guy€, apparently, and so those are the particular heads we€™ll celebrate here today. So sorry, good guys (Ghandi, Caillou), book bad guys (Judge Holden) and TV bad guys (Walter White) €“ someday your smooth, polished work may be applauded as well. For now €“ with a mild spoiler warning regarding a few toupees €“ here are the 25 Most Iconic Bald Film Villains.

Honorable Mention: Elmer Fudd - Looney Toons

Elmer Fudd is awarded Honorable Mention due to the fact that a) he€™s mainly a TV character, b) his status as €œvillain€ is questionable at best, and c) the guy is a cartoon character. Plus, he€™s wearing the hunting cap for 90% of his life.

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