25 Most Mind-Bending Moments In Sci-Fi Movie History

24. Alien Abduction Flashback - Fire In The Sky (1993)


Just when we give up hope that we will be treated to seeing the inside of the spacecraft, we are thrust deep into her gruesome, sloppy bowels. Travis (D.B. Sweeney), the abductee of the film, wakes up in a wet, claustrophobia-inducing cocoon. Luckily the flimsy design allows him to terror-punch his way out into the zero-gravity human storage chambers. To say it€™s zero-gravity is not completely accurate. The physics of the scene are askew and it€™s difficult to be sure whether the aircraft is currently stationed, in orbit or on land. He whips around, unable to get his footing and walks with his hands at one point, before spiraling out of control and being thrust into a neighboring cocoon containing the deteriorating remains of a fellow abductee. After nopeing his way blindly out of the cocoon chambers, he is promptly caught by the wrinkly old man aliens. The worst part of that is while they strap him to the table and begin probing him in the eye (which is just pinkeye waiting to happen if they ever mix up the needles), the camera switches back and forth between the aliens puppet faces and very real, fast moving human hands. The zero-gravity scenes as well as the operation scene both make one of the scariest mind-bending moments in sci-fi history.
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