25 Reasons To Hate The Oscars

Value is not measured in little gold statues.

Every year, someone spends hours coming up with an articulate explanation for why they hate the Oscars, and everyone rolls their eyes, tuts and tunes in to the annual ceremony anyway. It€™s all just empty bluster after all €“ the moans of an entitled few who think they know better? Well, no quite frankly. Every year the Academy gives us further reasons not to pay attention to their opinions, making something of a mockery of their status as the biggest event on the film calendar, and yet we all still sit up with our popcorn to watch who they have chosen to tell us are the best talents and films of the year. This isn€™t an exercise in shallow Academy bashing, and to prove it, we€™ve come up with 25 reasons you should hate the Oscars€

25. Snubbing Leonardo DiCaprio

It's almost getting to cliched levels now, but the longer the Academy continues to snub Leonardo DiCaprio, the more it will be worthy of note. Looking back on his snubs so far makes for difficult reading. Calvin Candie is Tarantino's greatest villain - by the director's own assertion - and he was also arguably Leo DiCaprio's finest performance. He was great in Inception and Shutter Island, he was well worthy of Oscar attention in The Aviator and Blood Diamond, and his transformative, hilarious turn in The Wolf Of Wall Street was stunningly good. Yes, he might well win for The Revenant, but there's a distinct possibility that he will be snubbed again for something more Oscar-like, partly because of the way his campaign has been skewed.
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