25 Things You Didn't Know About Ghostbusters

23. Nobody Liked Walter Peck

Ghostbusters 1984
Columbia Pictures

Gozer might have been the desired heel of Ghostbusters, but it was actually another character that pipped Slavitza Jovan's destroyer of worlds to the top spot as the most hayed villain in the movie – the pencil necked geek we all know as Walter Peck.

In the movie, Peck is an inspector for the Environmental Protection Agency and has designs on shutting down the Ghostbusters entirely. The only thing Peck succeeds in doing though, is shutting down their containment unit, releasing hundreds of ghosts back out into New York en masse.

William Atherton, who played Peck, had no idea just how much of an impact his creation had until people started to approach him in the street to tell him how much they hated him. Atherton also claims that people came up to him in fits of anger for the way he treated the Ghostbusters, seemingly unaware that his character was completely fictional.


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