25 Wonder Woman Easter Eggs & References You Must See

"Ice cream is wonderful!"

Wonder Woman Easter Eggs
Warner Bros.

The response to Patty Jenkins' great Wonder Woman is as delightful as it is cliche-ridden, with talk of this being the first movie in the DCEU to really get things going and a genuinely glowing critical reaction that seemingly ends the war between the reviewers and the fans.

Putting all of that needless narrative aside, Wonder Woman is excellent. It has its flaws, but they are pitiful compared to the exceptional action sequences, character work and performances, and the subsequent revelation that Patty Jenkins is set to return for a sequel should be considered truly great news.

In Wonder Woman, she has made a comic book movie that isn't beholden to any source material in a knowing way: her film is an entertaining story primarily, with great characters and real heart, and the commitment to stuffing in fan-baiting comic book references is clearly a secondary concern.

That is a genius move, as it gives the film far more mainstream appeal, and while there's no surrendering of the film's source links they don't feel claustrophobic. That comes at the cost of major Easter Eggs though, which are comparatively thin on the ground.

It might not be as packed with Eggs and references as Zack Snyder's movies on first watch, but you get the feeling there will be more revealed in subsequent viewings, and Jenkins definitely knows where her characters have come from...


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