25 WTF Moments From Batman Forever

Because Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones are the least of it...

Batman Forever, for better and most certainly for worse, is a major turning-point in the history of Batman's cinematic tenure: it saw the departure of previous director Tim Burton and the appointment of Joel Schumacher, who was tasked by Warner Bros. with turning the series in a more kid-friendly direction for maximum merchandise sales (following the underwhelming box office performance of Batman Returns). The results, of course, were divisive: critics weren't sure what to think, though the movie significantly out-grossed Returns and fast-tracked production on the now-infamous Batman and Robin. Whether you love or hate Batman Forever or sit somewhere in the middle, it's tough to deny that the movie is full of peculiar, offbeat and expectation-defying moments, from the outlandish performances to the head-smackingly corny dialogue, unexpected cameos and everything in-between. It may not be a classic of Batman's on-screen career, but it still has a place in the hearts of many, and even if you outright loathe it, it's undeniably fun to laugh at, right? Here are 25 WTF moments from Batman Forever...

25. That Opening Crotch Shot

What better way to let fans know that they're in for a bumpy ride than show off Batman's bat-bulge in the fourth shot of the movie? As Batman gears up to protect Gotham, new franchise director Joel Schumacher (who, it has to be said, is gay) infuses the series with flagrant homo-eroticism right off the... bat (sorry), by closing in hard on Batman's wildly unnecessary cod-piece. At least it was subtle enough to probably fly over the heads of millions of children, but as an adult watching the film (especially in retrospect), it's a painfully camp choice that feels like it belongs back in Adam West's 1960s portrayal, if actually anywhere at all.

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