25 WTF Moments From Fantastic Four

Fantastic? Not so much.

Fantastic Four is now out in the wild, and it's without question one of the most controversial blockbusters of the last few years, both for the perceived lack of necessity of this reboot (it's largely being made so the rights don't revert to Marvel), and the countless production problems which have trickled down from the set (namely director Josh Trank's erratic behaviour). Whether you like the movie or not (critics are tearing into it), it's tough to deny that it's full of bizarre creative choices and weird moments that, while differentiating it from the 2005 movie, don't necessary suggest that the film's success is anything close to certain. From an unexpected cameo to an accident scene sure to become infamous among comic book fans and a villain likely to ignite much discussion this weekend, here are 25 WTF moments from Fantastic Four...

25. Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) Plays Reed's Teacher

The film opens with a prologue flashback sequence which shows a young Reed Richards in 2007 as he attempts to crack teleportation, something his school teacher and classmates mock him for. The teacher chides Reed for thinking too far outside the box without having anything to show for it, joking that he probably has a device capable of such feats sat next to his flying car. Weirdly, though, the teacher, Mr. Kenny, is played by Dan Castellaneta, aka Homer Simpson himself. It's incredibly distracting if you're at all aware of what the man looks like away from voicing America's favourite slob, making it kinda hard to concentrate on what's actually happening.

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