25 WTF Moments From The Ridiculous 6

Save 2 hours of your life with our rundown...

If you know anything about Adam Sandler, there's a good chance you might want to avoid sitting through his 119-minute "love letter" to the spaghetti western, which of course also came out shortly before Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight descends upon audiences. That said, you might be a little curious about how bizarre, and indeed how bad, it actually is, so why not save 110 minutes of your life by checking out our definitive run-down of the rudest, crudest, occasionally funniest and most inane moments from Sandler's big-budget spoof? It's got questionable ethical depictions, scatological humour, bizarre cameos, and some of the most demented crap you're ever likely to see from a movie distributed by Netflix. Though critics have been quick to demolish it, it remains to be seen whether viewer curiosity will lead to it being a success or not, and considering this is the first of four movies Sandler is making for the streaming giant, it absolutely needs to be. Here are 25 WTF moments from Adam Sandler's The Ridiculous 6.

25. Yeah, It's Pretty Racist

It's apt that one of the first sights we see in the film is a sign that says "No Injuns allowed!", because while a movie about historical racism does not have to be racist itself, all those pre-release press stories about the movie reinforcing offensive Native American stereotypes have turned out to be pretty much on the money. For starters, the girlfriend of Adam Sandler's protagonist is called "Smoking Fox", there's another female character called "Never Wears Bra" (yes, that's her pictured above, played by Sandler's wife Jackie no less), and another called "Beaver Breath". While one can argue that this is merely "satire", doesn't satire have to be funny? Instead it's just cringe-worthy, embarrassing and potentially quite harmful.

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