26 Behind The Scene Images Of Famous Movies To Completely Disillusion You

25. Jaws

Jaws455 Well yes, Bruce was fake. But this fake? It's like that moment in life when you realize that Santa isn't real. This marine animal that terrorized audiences and induced aquaphobia in a million people around the world was just a hunk of metal run by a turbine and other complicated equipment. The next thing you know Freddy Krueger's dancing to music with dark glasses on.

24. A Nightmare On Elm Street

Nightmare On Elm Street No, Freddy! No! Here go all the sleepless night spent tossing around in bed hoping that when tired nature's sweet restorer finally overpowers you, it doesn't prove to be the last time you shut your eyes. I mean, come on! Look at the way he's sticking his hind-side out.

23. Back To The Future

Back To The Future This one just seems unnecessary. They did not have to scale it down. Just do it with real things. Get a few Taliban guys and tell them that they'd go to Heaven and get three million virgins all to themselves if they went through with a real race between a car and a train. If they survived, they'd get three hundred dollars. Win, win!

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