27 Things You Didn't Know About Reservoir Dogs

Which Batman star almost fronted Tarantino's heist classic?

Reservoir Dogs

We're now on the eve of the release of Quentin Tarantino's ninth film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and so what better time to revisit the instant classic that kickstarted the legendary filmmaker's career?

Believe it or not, Tarantino's ground-breaking crime thriller Reservoir Dogs turns 27 this year, and given that it's not quite the pop-culture monolith that is Pulp Fiction, you'd be forgiven for not harbouring the same encyclopedic knowledge of its production and release.

And so, 27 years on, we've rustled up the 27 juiciest trivia tidbits you most certainly didn't know.

From stories of the film's hellish production to the knock-on effect it had on the rest of Tarantino's career, it's clear that Reservoir Dogs could've been a very different beast entirely with a few small changes.

Tarantino's talents aside, it's no minor miracle that the end result turned out as spectacular as it did, surely a combination of smart filmmaking instincts and a healthy dose of luck.

Armed with a tiny budget and ultra-enthusiastic cast and crew - with one major exception, that is - Tarantino delivered one of the most staggeringly confident feature-length directorial debuts of all time, and here's everything you absolutely need to know about it...


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