28 Weeks Later director chooses Wednesday as next project

Danny Boyle had a big creative input in 28 Weeks Later, even himself admitting he directed some portions of the film. However, you can't take away what a superb job Spanish film-maker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo did with the flick which I had been writing off as being a terrible idea for months and months and months. Fresnadillo crafted together one of the best zombie flick for decades and IMO one of the better films of a disappointing 2007. So what next for the Spaniard? Variety report that Fresnandillo's next project will be a flick titled Wednesday which is being setup at Dreamworks and has been described as a 'character based drama'. The movie will be the director's next film with shooting set to begin early next year.

Massy Tadjedin script revolves around a desperate man who carjacks a young woman, setting off a high-speed car chase across Los Angeles. ...the pic is more in the vein of "Dog Day Afternoon" or "Sugarland Express" than a CGI-driven actioner.
Sounds pretty cool and this Spaniard is a director I'm going to keep a close eye on over the next few years. The way he shot some action scenes in 28 Weeks Later just gets me oozing with excitement over what he could do with a high-speed car chase pursuit in LA.


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