28 WEEKS LATER director remaking a Roger Corman classic!

"I've come to tell you what I see. There are great darknesses...And beyond the darkness, a light that glows, changes...and in the center of the universe...the eye that sees us all,"
Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo whose Hollywood debut 28 WEEKS LATER is about one of the best first time movies I've seen in recent years, has finally this week committed to his second Hollywood film. Variety say he is to remake Roger Corman's 1963 sci-fi movie "X: THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES at MGM. The original starred Ray Milland as a scientist who is near a breakthrough in X-ray vision technology when his funding is cut off. Desperate to show results, the doc applies eye drops that eventually cause him to lose control over his growing powers. It is of course a cautionary tale, not unlike THE FLY or THE INVISIBLE MAN in that it warns of man's dalliances with science which could led to dangerous and even fatal consequences. Corman shot the film over a 3 week period for just $300,000. Fresnadillo will get a bigger budget than that, I'm sure.

Fresnadillo is meeting this week with potential screenwriters.

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