29 WTF Moments From Spectre

Daniel Craig's weirdest Bond film serves up a double order of crazy.

If you're lucky enough to live in the UK, Spectre is now officially out in the wild, with fans able to feast their eyes upon Daniel Craig's fourth outing as the legendary spy, which brings terrific director Sam Mendes back for another round. Reviews have been positive if mostly agreeing the film can't live up to the likes of Casino Royale and Skyfall, and that seems absolutely on the money: it's an enjoyable if not particularly remarkable Bond film, one that's a lot more eccentric than most are probably expecting. From the surprising shift in tone to the various plot twists (including that big one you're wondering about that may or may not happen) and references to the wider 00 mythology, there's plenty for fans to chew over, both for better and for worse. If the next Bond flick can get anywhere near this bizarre, it's going to be impressive... and may require MGM hiring David Lynch. Here are 29 WTF moments from Spectre and it goes without saying that MASSIVE SPOILERS lie ahead.

29. The Gunbarrel Sequence Is Back At The Beginning

Many Bond purists have complained that the iconic gunbarrel sequence has been shunted to the end credits of the last two movies rather than opening each film as happens traditionally. Sam Mendes even said that he tried to make the gunbarrel work for the opening of Skyfall, but when the gunbarrel led to that opening shot of Craig walking down a hallway, it looked silly. Mendes nailed it this time, though, beginning with the gunbarrel before kicking off the opening scene. So, despite it seeming like a closing gunbarrel might be the new tradition, the hardcore crowd can rest easy that this isn't the case at all.

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