3 minute CGI crap-infested sequence for I AM LEGEND

Yikes, if the opening sequence to I AM LEGEND is anything to go by then we are all set for one big crap-infested special effects disaster.


The first three minutes of the film have been uploaded to Yahoo but man it looks terrible. Will Smith is driving around trying to knock down just one of the dozens of horrid looking computer generated deer and it's just so unbelievable it looks ridiculous. And it's the first big deviation from the novel, and it's right in the opening minutes. There's always been a nagging somewhere within me that with CONSTANTINE director Francis Lawrence on board, this would always be a danger... CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OPENING SEQUENCE Maybe there's still hope. It's clear that even with the third attempt, there still hasn't been an adaptation that has done Richard Matheson's classic story correctly but I just hope this is an exciting version that I can get into despite the dodgy special effects. Oh and for those wondering, that prologue for THE DARK KNIGHT can be seen in only two IMAX cinema's in the U.K. according to a guy in the know over at the BOF Message Boards...
BFI London IMAX Cinema 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk London, SE1 8XR 871-787-2525 Odeon Manchester 6-8 Dantzic St. Manchester, M4 2AD 870-588-8999
For the full U.S. list, click here. There are rumors going around that this sequence might be officially uploaded to the web next week after all, so maybe those without access to these IMAX screens in the U.K. might get a chance to see it after all.

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