3 new character one-sheets from 30 Days of Night

The movie opens next month but if even one person is convinced to see this movie from these posters then I will be surprised.

If there's one horror movie I'm hoping will not disappoint this Halloween season it's 30 Days of Night. I wasn't fond of the rather bland trailer we debuted a while back but I've always liked the premise of this thing and Stuart Beattie's scripts are usually a hit. Shock Till You Drop are debuting three new character one-sheet posters from the movie and let's be honest here, they really are pathetic. They don't look cinematic, they tell us absolutely nothing about the movie. The posters for 300 and Sin City worked and worked really well but these just look dumb as hell. I'll be surprised if these posters convince even one person to see their movie when it opens in the U.S. next month.





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