3 Reasons Why You No Longer Need To See The Godfather Trilogy

Still haven't gotten around to watching this classic series of movies? Don't bother.

I love films. Thanks to my upbringing, I have come to respect the art of filmmaking and appreciate the need for it in modern culture as a way to escape from the drudgery and stress of modern day life into a fantasy world where anything can happen. And I have tried to take the time out over the years to pretty much see as many classic flicks as possible. With one notable exception: The Godfather Trilogy.

Now, I know that a lot of you out there are right now slapping your forehead and screaming "Blasphemy!" at your monitor or iPhone, ready to question my movie buff credentials. But before you send word for your local mob enforcers to hunt me down, I would not only like to point out that there are - in fact - people out there who still haven't seen this iconic film and its sequels (probably for the same reasons I submit to you today). Although I am now approaching middle-age and still haven't quite felt "the need" to sit down and view this alleged masterpiece of cinema (I'll make my own judgments, thank you), all because of the examples I plan to lay out for you today. Hopefully after reading this piece you will realize that maybe the reasons I have as to why I personally have not experienced The Godfather Trilogy in its entirety actually make perfect sense...

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