3 Reasons Why The X Files 3 Needs To Be Made

x-files_s6_5 The X Files recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary at Comic Con and fans seemed just as excited as when the show was still on the air. The last X Files incarnation, The X Files: I Want to Believe feature film, was released in 2008 to a mixed response from critics and fans. Despite the failure of the second film, fans are still pining for one more outing. In fact, demand is so high for the X Files universe that creator Chris Carter is currently overseeing the release of season 10 of The X Files in comic book form. Another X Files film is clearly should be made and here's three reasons why.

3. X Files More Relevant Now Than Before

the x-files The actors and producers of The X Files hit on an interesting point while manning the Comic Con panel this year. It was mentioned that The X Files was incredibly relevant today. The X Files was a television series that played on people's mistrust of the government and today there are enough ongoing scams and lies in the government making headlines than Kim Kardashion's baby! There's NSA spying, IRS scandals, Benghazi scandals and everything in between. No matter which side of the political fence you lie, there's obviously a stench in the air and people are growing weary of it. With Americans growing more and more skeptical of the government, The X Files is a show that would play perfectly to audiences. It's more relevant now than twenty years ago. At least we have one thing we can thank the government for.

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