30 Behind The Scenes Shots That Completely Change The Tone Of Great Movies

When the cameras aren't rolling, all bets are off...

Movies have always been able to control our emotions, our thoughts, and our reactions. Certain movies have withstood the test of time because of the impression they have left on us through a great story, unique characters, or a shared experience. People who consider themselves "movie buffs" (which means you, since you're reading this article) will oftentimes want to know the behind-the-scenes stories of their favorite movies and seek out production information, trivia, and actor experiences. Thanks to the Internet, movie fans have been able to find never-before-seen photographs from their favorite movies and get a glimpse of what it takes to create an iconic moment in movie history. Unfortunately, these looks behind the scenes can actually ruin moments in certain movies. For example, if the scene being filmed was a particularly dramatic death scene, seeing an actor goofing around backstage with his supposed murderer might change what we think of the scene. The magic of movies (and all forms of entertainment, really) is to be able to suspend disbelief for two hours and immerse yourself in a story where anything is possible, humans pull off amazing feats, and the good guys (usually) win in the end. While seeing these images may be interesting and intriguing, you can't help but wonder if seeing how the magic is made might change the tone of our favorite movies. Some of the images show the actual human side of the actors portraying the roles and others are just plain ridiculous. In any event, the coolness factor here is off the charts.

30. Alien

Alien received critical acclaim when it was released in 1979 both for its female protagonist and the scary nature of the alien monster who terrorized Ripley and her fellow crew. However, this image of that monster is anything but scary. If anything, it looks like the alien is bummed out about something. He looks like he just sulked off and sat in the corner after John Hurt just made fun of him at the lunch table. One of the scariest monsters in movie history looks like he needs a hug and a shoulder to cry on while everyone else has fun around him.

29. The Beast From The Sandlot

What, you thought the Beast who chased Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez around a perfect 1960s American town was a real dog? We hate to burst your bubble here but the real beast was actually a shirtless guy with a nicotine addiction and a dude who looks like stepped out of a 2001 frat party. It's never been entirely explained why the Beast looked so gigantic at certain points in the movie and then like a normal dog when the face-off over the Babe Ruth ball took place. In any event, it makes the dog slightly less scary when you realize John McEnroe's twin is underneath the costume.

28. Sword Fighting With Plastic Sticks

While certainly not as iconic as the other films in the series (to put it mildly), Star Wars: Episode One at least had a cool-looking villain in the Sith apprentice, Darth Maul. His double-sided lightsaber was one of the most popular things to come out of that movie, other than Jar Jar Binks (right?). Unfortunately, all street cred is instantly lost when you strip away all the CGI backgrounds and are left with three actors playing with plastic sticks. Sure, the lightsabers look great in the final product but this just looks like three grown men sword fighting in their pajamas.
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