30 Coolest Movies Of All-Time

The slick, the stylish and the smooth.

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It's hard to say what, exactly, defines a "cool" movie. On the one hand, a cool movie has to have some level of self-awareness with regards to its status - "cool" can't be entirely accidental. On the other hand, isn't the ultimate form of coolness based on the idea that not worrying about being cool is cool? As such, getting it right is a tricky business, and one that lots of filmmakers have struggled with across the span of the medium. But sometimes filmmakers hit that sweet spot, as was the case with the following 30 movies, all of which - in one way or another - have earned their right as "cool" motion pictures of the highest order. These are the movies that had you sitting back, nodding your head and muttering "This is awesome" under your breath; that offered up badass characters and unforgettable soundtracks; that were slick, suave, and super smooth. Above all, though, these movies embraced a sense of breezy effortlessness that seeped off the screen and into the aisles, essentially transferring their sense of stylishness and chic to everybody and anybody who saw 'em...

30. Pulp Fiction (1994)

True Romance Alabama
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What It Is: Quentin Tarantino's greatest flick (his magnus opus, really) hones in on the interconnected - and non-chronological - tale of two gangsters, their boss's wife, and a boxer. Perfection.

Why It's Cool: Tarantino's movie is a certified homage to anything and everything that is cool, from McDonald's, to surf music, to gangsters in suits. Certainly, this is the coolest movie ever made.


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