30 Greatest Movie Boob Shots Of All Time

In the immortal words of Seth MacFarlane: "We saw your boobs."

Art is really about one thing and one thing alone. Naked women. It is the one theme that transcends all time and technique. Being an artist has always been a good way for geeks to get chicks naked. €“ Dennis Miller, Ranting Again
And when you put those naked chicks up on the big screen and call it art, then you€™ve hit the big time; as the saying goes, €œthat€™s entertainment.€ You can make jokes about €œthe casting couch€ and €œthe glass ceiling€ all you want, but there€™s no denying that sex sells movie tickets. There are plenty of screwball comedies and slasher flicks where the female stars wind up naked at some point. It€™s that infantile bias that appeals to men; breasts are a fascination. And if we get to see more female body parts, so much the better. Sometimes even just the hint of something better, like a deep cleavage shot, or a soaking wet dress, is enough to entice the men into checking out the film. And directors of €œchick flicks€ know that they can sell tickets to the boyfriends/husbands if their lead female actress drops her top somewhere along the line, or at least offers up some enticing cleavage. Seth MacFarlane€™s stint as Oscar host in 2013 may have earned him some derision from the politically correct crowd, but he was pretty much spot on with his opening number, €œWe Saw Your Boobs.€ The prevalence of female flesh as opposed to male is tilted way in favour of the so-called fairer sex as Hollywood continues to show its obsession with the most famous glands in human anatomy. Whether that€™s a good thing or not depends on your point of view, but we assume that you don€™t mind it or you probably wouldn€™t be reading this article. We€™re obviously going to miss some of your favourites, but list them below and we€™ll save them for the sequel...

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