30 Greatest Stripper Scenes In Film History

Warning, each entry on this list is accompanied by an incredibly NSFW video.

In Hollywood there has been a long history of actors (both male and female), who at some point in their career, decided that their next film will involve considerably less clothing. No one can explain this phenomenon, and not too many people are complaining. Whether they€™re used for titillating, comedic or dramatic purposes, nothing beats a good ole fashioned movie stripper. Whether the character is a professional or they're stripping simply to entice someone they're interested in. However, anyone who has spent even a fraction of time at a strip club can tell you that not all strippers are created equal. And although Hollywood has undeniably cornered the market when it comes not only to beautiful people, but also choreographed and scripted acts, the same rule applies. And that€™s the topic at hand today. This list will take a look at some of the most memorable and best stripper scenes in cinematic history. From former Disney stars gone wild to Mary Poppins like you've never seen her before! Some of these moments were played up for laughs while the majority of them were simply made to excite. Whatever the case, they all share one thing in common, they are extremely entertaining to watch. Warning, each entry on this list is accompanied by an incredibly NSFW video. Enjoy!

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