30 Iconic Movie Lines That Are Always Misquoted

30. Skyfall (2012)

SkyfallThe Misquote: "Let the Skyfall." The Real Quote: "At Skyfall." Why It Was Misquoted: Adele€™s theme for Sam Mendes€™ simply astounding entry in the Bond franchise has quickly become iconic and has added a lot of weight to her trophy cabinet. As well as continuing the tradition of great themes, the opening also manages another mainstay of Bond; spoil the movie. Not only giving us vague clues towards the films events (dragons, Silva), the majority of the sequence focuses on one of the film's twists; the reveal of Skyfall as Bond€™s childhood home. While it isn't clear the first time around, the songs lyrics give a clue. While the main chorus uses the better known €˜Let€™, it ends with the more revealing €˜At€™, but is often misattributed. It€™s fair to say that the stems from the songs early release, when few plot details had been leaked and thus we were left to assume Skyfall would be let.

29. Apocalypse Now (1979)

ApocalypseThe Misquote: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." The Real Quote: "€I love the smell of napalm in the morning€" Why It Was Misquoted: Now technically this quote does appear in this manner in the movie. The umbrage with the constant quoting is that the manner in which it is referenced, always as a stand alone line. In the film it comes at the centre of a long monologue and while the line is the focus, many quoters view it as the whole line. If you needed a perfect example of people quoting a film they've never seen to horrendous effect, it€™s Apocalypse Now.

28. Star Wars (1977)

Star WarsThe Misquote: "May the Force be with you." The Real Quote: "Remember, the Force will be with you, always." Why It Was Misquoted: This is a touchy one, as €˜May the Force be with you€™ is used in the original Star Wars, both by General Dodonna to the rebel pilots and Han when saying goodbye to Luke. However, the line is most often attributed to Obi-Wan, who only ever says it in the prequels. €˜May the Force be with you€™ has become such an integral part of Star Wars in popular culture that it even has its own day. As Obi-Wan was originally the only Jedi we see, it seems entirely logical to give it to him. That€™s it, go about your business. Move along.
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