30 Iconic Movie Lines That Are Always Misquoted

12. Lives Of A Bengal Lancer (1935)

Bengal LancerThe Misquote: "We have ways of making you talk." The Real Quote: "We have ways of making men talk." Why It Was Misquoted: Although an incredible cliché to even think of using for comedic effect, the misquote has rarely been used in any serious pieces. The film from which it originated, a little known Gary Cooper starring war caper, used the more general (and in a way ominous) €˜men€™ in a relatively unmenacing way (i.e no German accent). The constant use of the misquote in parody in the almost eighty years since makes it clear why the forgotten (despite a Best Picture nomination) film€™s line is now so distanced from what it originally was.

11. Multiple Laurel And Hardy Films (1930 onwards)

1.LHThe Misquote: "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into!" The Real Quote: "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" Why It Was Misquoted: Laurel and Hardy are renowned as some of the finest purveyors of slapstick comedy, but outside of their devout fans, few have experienced much of their work (piano skits aside). The only really known element is Hardy€™s immortal catchphrase, uttered, obviously, whenever Laurel€™s antics have gone too far. However, even with multiple repeatings, the line has been altered, €˜nice€™ becoming €˜fine€™, thanks in no small part to the duo€™s 1930 film €˜Another Fine Mess€™. Obviously, more people saw the title than the film itself. Sometimes the quote has it as €˜us€™, not €˜me€™, which is just plain ridiculous.

10. Frankenstein (1931)

3.FrankensteinThe Misquote: "It€™s alive!" The Real Quote: "He€™s alive!" Why It Was Misquoted: In Frankenstein, scientist Victor Frankenstein (who every smart alec repeatedly €˜shocks€™ you by telling you is the title character, not the monster) creates a new person out of dead body parts (and not, as the same smart alec would say, neck electrodes). The key word in that sentence being person; to Victor, it is a living human being, not a monster. Which is why it makes a lot more sense for the character to say €˜He€™s alive€™; because, well, he is alive. The €˜It€™s€™ has been popularised thanks to our frenzied love of faceless horror, in particular our building of the previously mentioned misunderstanding.
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