34 WTF Moments From The Mad Max Franchise

Gratuitous nudity, weird kids, ice cream, S&M gear and brutal deaths. Oh my!

What a day! What a lovely day! Mad Max: Fury Road is finally descending upon audiences, and the reviews so far are absolutely ecstatic. Before you head out to see George Miller's first foray into post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem in 30 years, what better time to check out the classic trilogy that preceded it? There's little point denying the influence of Mad Max (some of which will be noted in this very article), and though nobody ever thought a fourth movie would come to fruition, the franchise's legacy is well-noted in the decades of action flicks released since the original movie way back in 1979. From Mel Gibson's steely lead performance to the hilarious supporting characters, blistering action sequences and that unmistakably Australian tone, the series is a favourite of action fans the world over, and it looks like Fury Road won't be letting the side down, even without Gibson starring this time, as well as so much time having passed since Beyond Thunderdome. Without any further ado, from random gratuitous nudity to grotesque violence, unexpected twists, freaky characters, kinky costumes and every bizarre thing in between you can possibly think of, here are 34 unmistakably WTF moments from the Mad Max franchise...


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