4 Movies Oscar 2020 Winners Want You To Forget

While they were being celebrated, horrors lurked on their IMDb pages, waiting to strike...

Sony Pictures Classics

Coming to the world from a set seemingly dressed by Donald Trump's hairstylist, the 2020 Oscars made history when, for the first time ever, the Best Picture award went to a non-English language feature - the absolutely essential Parasite.

Alongside that, the awards show was filled with many other moments that will never be forgotten. We started the night with a musical number referencing films ranging from A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood to Midsommar, continued through a swathe of people being introduced only to introduce other people who introduced the award categories, cut away to a wonderful "Okay boomer" expression on Billie Eilish's face, listened to Joaquin Phoenix's views on milk, and found out that Martin Scorcese views Eminem the same way children view lullabies.

But, for every moment that is now carved in the mind of those in attendance, there are those that some would like to forget. Mostly roles in train wreck films that they wish they'd never taken, these are personal badges of shame that cast and crew cannot escape even as they win the most prestigious award in film.

While these horrors may be portrayed for all to see on Wiki pages and IMDb, those who carry the burden aren't about to remind others of them. Directors and past co-stars alike are avoided on the night so that the public never once thinks of them in connection with these 10 monstrosities.


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