4 Quintessentially British Films

The Brits have made some greats, and these ones encapsulate the best of Britain.

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Ah, Great Britain. Known for their love of tea and the great range of countries and dialects despite being a small island, the land of the Union Jack has seen plenty of movies made to exemplify what it means to be British. There's quite a lot for the country to pick from when it comes to deciding what to make movies about, be it a historical epic, a dark comedy - or even a mixture of both.

The Brits may have a smaller entertainment industry than that of the States, but that does not mean British-made movies can't still surprise a first-time viewer. From awkward amazingly-written comedies to dramatic historical recreations, Great Britain has a way of producing the kind of high-quality entertainment that is not only incredible on its own, but stands strong as a way to identify a fellow Brit follower of Her Majesty's cinema.

It's also surprisingly old, having been producing films for over a century, among which there are some great films; too many to name, therefore it's important to identify great British movies that have a quality in them that is so distinctly Brit, outside of the accents. The industry has produced plenty of names that have stuck in households throughout the world as well, so it's not to be sniffed at.

So, let's take a load off, stick the kettle on, and count down this list of some of the top British cinema.

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