4 Recent Movies So Bad You Can't Even See Them

So bad it's unreleasable.

From Whiplash to The Grand Budapest Hotel to Carol, so many great, awards scooping (or, in the latter case, massively snubbed) movies begin their lives at film festivals, letting good word from the critics in attendance carry them from little-known prospects into absolute behemoths. All of those movies premiered months before their big theatrical release, meaning by the time audiences could actually see them it was already well established they were something special. But there's another side to the world of film festival hype; the movies that everyone's talking about for all the wrong reasons. You see, for every breakout hit there's a movie so utterly dreadful that it garners such dismissive reviews that distributors refuse to touch them, or those who over-zealously brought the rights sight-unseen suddenly become reluctant to show it to the real world based on all the negative buzz. Over the past year, there's been plenty of good from the festival circuit (Cannes alone saw the unveiling of Carol, Macbeth, Sicario and Son Of Saul), but an awful lot of bad, which, thankfully for most, has been spared a proper release exactly because it's so terrible. Here are the four movies from the run that were so bad they're unreleasable.


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