4 Worst Aliens To Have As Pets

Our top Sci-Fi creatures that it’d be a nightmare to have in the house.

Recently I€™ve been trying to find an appropriate pet for my stuffy South London flat, and after dismissing the obvious choices (simply for reasons of space) I€™ve been looking at the more exotic of species to take the place of my non-human companion. My quest took me to an Aquarium in central London where I found myself among some of the most bizarre, wonderful and creepy creatures I could have imagined. Axolotls (essentially fish with legs), Scorpions, Hairy spiders, unusual shellfish, Snakes, Lizards- the list was endless and ever more worrying the further towards the back of the store you got. The other thing that occurs to you as a major Sci-Fi fan (other, that is, from the survival instincts that kick in after catching the predatory glare of a giant Scorpion) is quite how many creatures from the best Sci-Fi shows have their roots in more earthly species. Sat in the corner of the store, possibly going slightly crazy after being unable to resist touching a bright blue frog, I started envisioning life with creatures from my favourite shows. It was not pretty, turns out there aren€™t many that would satisfy all criteria of a decent pet and I quickly realised the Axolotl was just fine. It did keep me thinking however, so here are my top 4 Sci-Fi creatures that it€™d be a nightmare to have. For the purposes of variety (and to avoid this being a trek/gate orgy) I€™ve limited each franchise to one entry only, and they must originate in outer space. I€™m certain there€™ll be plenty more too (this is merely a selection from my full list), so make sure you add your suggestions to the comments below.

1. The Tribbles (Star Trek)

The Tribbles are by far the cutest creatures on this list, and are a Star Trek fan favourite. Originally appearing in The Original Series episode €˜The Trouble with Tribbles€™ they went on to feature in an episode of each series (including the much forgotten animated series) except for Star Trek: Voyager (presumably they haven't quite made it as far as the Delta quadrant!). Soft, furry, cute and an adorable purr€”Tribbles instantly catch the affection of anyone who holds one. That is, of course, except for the Klingons who see them as the scourge of the Universe. Why?? Well, other than Klingons being allergic to them, these asexual creatures do two things-- Eat, and Breed!! These things multiply at a faster rate than rabbits in the outback of Australia, and consume more than a swarm of locusts. They€™d be (almost) perfect to have as a pet. Definitely better at attracting the ladies than a Husky, and always something soft and fluffy to stroke should the need arise. There€™s just the slight problem of incredibly high food bills, and the need for an endless supply of tolerant friends you can palm off the newborns to!
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