5 Actors Who Could Play Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Movie

5. Lucas Till

Lucas Till Lucas Till earned his superhero stripes playing Havok in 2011's X-Men: First Class. Despite being the youngest actor on the cast, he really could have fooled anyone - you'd never be able to tell his age from the superbly confident performance that he gives throughout the movie, which certainly makes him a prime candidate for that of the Boy Wonder. At 23, Till would be at a fitting age to play Tim Drake towards the end of his career as Robin (if we go chronologically, we will never move on from Dick Grayson's origins). With a solid background in action films, too, Till has proven he has the chops to play such a physical character. Though he has blonde hair, of course, in this case I think it'd be okay to forgive that, given that Till is perfect for this character in so many other ways.

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