5 Actors Who Could Play Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Movie

1. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul In the event of another adult Robin being cast, there is no actor currently at work who deserves to nab (and suits) the role as Aaron Paul, who has recently impressed pretty much everyone with a television on AMC's Breaking Bad, where he plays meth dealer Jesse Pinkman. Despite the fact that he tends to provide the comedic side of the series, the show has pushed his character much further, and we've seen Aaron in a completely different light as a result. His age and appearance marks him as a perfect choice for Dick Grayson passing on the mantle as Robin and making the jump to Nightwing. In the event of a separate spin-off, too (think more Batman-orientated than the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film), and Aaron Paul is certainly an actor capable of leading a movie on his own, away from Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. If Dick Grayson must be cast for Batman Vs. Superman, it really should be Aaron Paul - he'd nail it. Like these choices? Let us know in the comments section below.
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