5 Actresses To Replace Shailene Woodley As Mary Jane Watson In The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Mary Jane and Shailene As the news continues to trickle out about more and more characters being added to The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, it didn't come as much of a shock when it was announced that the few scenes shot featuring Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson were to be cut from the film. Even when Shailene was first cast, the hardcore Spider-Man fan base was a bit confused. Shailene€™s definitely a beautiful girl, but something about her on-set pictures seemed off€” that "MJ Wow-Factor" was nowhere to be found. She definitely didn€™t have the familiar Mary Jane sex appeal, the bright red hair, or the sparkling personality that can be seen even in the dark of night. We could blame it on poor styling, or maybe her role was meant to be so small in this film that it didn€™t even matter what she looked like€” unfortunately, now we may never know. Since Mary Jane's storyline has now been pushed back to the third film, Shailene might be too busy starring in the Divergent trilogy to come back and give the role of MJ another shot. Thankfully, with the break between sequels, Marc Webb has plenty of time to recast and hopefully find an actress better suited for the job. Here are five options to be considered for replacing Shailene and "hitting the jackpot" as Mary Jane.

5. Jane Levy

Jane Levy Well, to start off, they already share half of a first name, so it wouldn€™t be too hard for the rest of the cast to adjust to Mary-Jane-Levy-Watson. All joking aside, Jane Levy is quite the talented little actress€” seriously, she's only 5'2" (157 cm). She hasn€™t had a lot of roles at all, but the ones that she has had, she€™s definitely excelled and made them much more complex than they would€™ve been otherwise. First, starting as the skank-next-door, Mandy Milkovich, in the first season of the Showtime€™s American adaptation of Shameless. She was spunky and kind of gross, yet still pretty and sweet and brought an interesting juxtaposition to the character. Unfortunately for us, she left the role after the first season and was replaced with a taller, grosser, imitation of the Mandy she created. Fortunately for her, she only left in order to star in her own show, Suburgatory. While Suburgatory is just a simple sitcom, Jane brings a youthful, sarcastic edge to the character Tessa, on a show that would probably be much more bland without her. She has of course still made time for the big screen, starring as Mia in the creepy, horror, reboot of the Evil Dead series. With the spunk of Mindy, the sarcasm of Tessa, and the mystery of Mia, Jane could be prepared to put it all together as Mary Jane.

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