5 Awesome Bond Themes and 5 That Sucked

5 Awesome Bond Themes...

5. From Russia With Love

http://youtu.be/Pka0FczsOfo The first Bond song! (Dr. No is disqualified because it opens with just the James Bond theme.) What a shock! It€™s not merely for posterity; this song sets the tone for the subsequent 20 Bond themes. People think of Goldfinger as the quintessential Bond song, (because it was the first Bond theme to play over the opening credits) but From Russia With Love came a year earlier and is arguably the better song. Matt Monro, our Sinatra Sound-alike crooner, sings (probably) as the titular character carrying a torch for a gal he left to go to Russia. (Presumably to kill a couple dozen people.) The only drawback is the theme has a sixties-version-of-middle-eastern feel. It seems the geography is mixed up a bit. Composer John Barry should have embraced Russian musical stereotypes instead of Arab musical stereotypes. Element of Danger: +3 We€™re talking about Russia here, but no guns or enemies to speak of. The Ladies: +6 Monro as Bond sings of the girl he can€™t wait to return to and sleep with again after he gets back from saving the world, but it€™s not too detailed about all the love he€™ll soon make with her. Cool Factor: +7 Damn this song€™s cool. Why it didn€™t rank higher? There isn€™t much to this song. We€™ve come to expect more complex pieces from our Bond themes.
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