5 Films To Make A Grown Man Cry

I am a man and I cry at movies. I know a lot of men don't like to admit that, and I also know a lot of men that probably don't cry at movies, but those are the men I pity the most. Part of the joy of watching a great movie is opening up yourself to a new, fascinating world full of adventures and emotions different than your own, or alternatively, showing you experiences you can relate to, which send your memory back to moments of great happiness, or of great pain. Directors want you to feel emotional. A large part of the directors job is in creating a scene, positioning the camera, and orchestrating their actors in order to get the most powerful, emotional responses from the audience, so don't feel ashamed if you express the effect the director desired... this only means he did a good job. If you are a man who says they don't cry at movies you are one of three things. You are either a liar; you probably secretly well up when Jack dies in Titanic but tell people you've got something in your eye (don't worry, to all you haters, this is not one of the films on this list). You are either made of steel, or alternatively, you simply avoid any films which you think are "emotional blackmail", films created almost for the sole reason to make the audience cry. It's typical for men to think these types of films are "chick-flicks", and keep well away from them, blocking off a world of experiences in order to maintain their macho man status. The following five mixed genre films I will completely admit had me in tears (some had me weeping- I won't say which). Having done my research, many of these are popularly known to cause grown men to cry whereas others are films men might usually avoid, but if you are willing to open yourself up to them, a wonderful, emotional viewing experience is yours for the taking. This isn't a complete list obviously, and for those of you who cried at Bambi you will be disappointed to see it doesn't appear here (I'm sorry... I just didn't find it all that emotional)... but I welcome you all, anonymously if you feel the need, to admit to us the films that had you in tears (or that managed to make your usually dry-eyed boyfriends, fathers etc. cry) in the comments section...

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