5 Fresh Monsters That Should Be Used in Films

The range of mythology and folklore has created a vast bestiary of the monstrous. So why is it, that films seem stuck on the same three types? Vampires, zombies and werewolves. Granted, the first two are easy to do make up for, if you stick to the standard versions. The rise of CGI has taken away the difficulties of werewolf transformations. However, the repetition of these creatures has weakened their ability to shock. Be honest, isn€™t your reaction when something is announced as being €˜with zombies€™ or €˜versus vampires€™, one of €œWhat, again?€ So I€™ve tried to find five monsters that have not been given much of a chance to shine. They might not be as well known, but I think that makes them more frightening. Everybody knows how to deal with vampires, werewolves and zombies. Stake them, get a sliver bullet, and destroy the head or brain. However these creatures are not so familiar, so any little smartass character in the script might get a nasty surprise.

1. Yuki-Onna

What Is It; The name means €˜Lady of the Snow€™ in Japanese. A woman dressed in white who sucks the life force or body heat out of her victims. She can also turn into a white mist. How It Could Be Used. This gives the scope for doing a horror film in a snowy location, which does not just turn into another version of The Thing. Also if somebody wants to do a warning against global warming, they could have them seek revenge for the rising temperatures, by creating a new ice age. Well, it would still be more scientifically accurate then The Day After Tomorrow.
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