5 Great Movies That People Randomly Started Hating

Forrest Gump

Movies live forever, we all know that. They come out and do whatever business they are going to do at the box office, and then it is up to time to decide what we will think of them in the years to come. Some like Casablanca become beloved classics, while others such as Blade Runner become cult favourites despite their failure at the box office. Yet there is however another trend, one that has befallen a number of films. That trend is when people decide to start hating on great movies. I have been trying to get people to call this Forrest Gumping, though I€™m pretty sure that it's not going to catch on.

These are movies that were big hits, seemingly everyone loved them, and then suddenly the hate started coming. So why does this happen? Is the newfound hate justified? For some movies perhaps it is, personally I would agree with the opinion that Batman Returns took the kooky Tim Burton Shtick too far, but for the five movies I am going to list here the answer is a resounding no. They may not all be Oscar worthy, but a movie shouldn't have to be the next Citizen Kane to be considered good.

Though some films, such as the aforementioned Casablanca and The Godfather keep finding critical praise and respect as the years go by, others find their legacy damaged by time, their qualities as award winners, genre definers or simply great popcorn entertainment called into question.

Here are 5 Great Movies That People Randomly Started Hating...


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