5 Great Movies That Were Secretly About Ninjas

4. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1967)

Not only does Clint Eastwood's mysterious drifter of Italy and Spain's New Mexico region possess a super selective ear to spurs outside his hotel room door (BANG, BANG, BANG), Blondie also knows how to make a hasty, ninja-like escape when a cannonball comes a-knocking, interrupting Tuco's hanging of the good "pig." And speaking of Tuco "The Rat" Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (played magnificently by Eli Wallach), he's quite the ninja himself, getting the drop on Blondie not only once but twice. Apparently mono track gunfire can lead to hearing loss over extended trilogies€ Which leads us to Angel Eyes, Lee Van Cleef's Yankee badman with the silent boots. He doesn't just sneak up on the partially deaf Blondie and Tuco in the final scene at Sad Hill cemetery, he's somehow trained his black stallion to do likewise. Padded horseshoes perhaps? Eagle-Eyed Viewer's Note: Watch closely in the cemetery scene when Angel Eyes makes his presence known. Van Cleef nearly hits Wallach in the head with a shovel!

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