5 Gut-Wrenching Movies Your Partner Will Watch To Prove They Love You

oldboy (Usually) In every relationship there is one person that is into movies more than the other one. In this list, I would like to show 5 movies that the non movie fan would end up watching because they want to support the film fans choice. This list is generally focused on films that edge slightly more towards the extreme than mainstream cinema. This does not mean that each film falls deep within the category of full blown video nasty extremism, just at times so may more suitable for viewing on your own away from your loved one; but if they really want to show their appreciation for your habit, then down the rabbit hole they shall go with you. Feel free to add any more suggestions at the end if you feel I have missed any off!

5. Killer Joe (2011)

Joe This list starts off with the lightest of them all, but I felt it would be best to ease you all in gently. Killer Joe was directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist) and stars Emile Hirsch and Thomas Haden Church as two layabouts trying to get their hands on some family life insurance money, via the skills of Police officer and gun for hire Matthew McConaughey. From the outset it seems like a run of mill insurance/murder story, but as the story unfolds the audience in drawn into a rather uncomfortable love story and one of the most interesting and horrific uses of KFC that has ever been portrayed on screen. It certainly makes you think twice about visiting that fast food chain again. Friedkin has certainly lost none of his touch in creating atmospheric and memorable movies in his later years with this lesser known classic.

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