5 Horror Sequels That Were Actually Awesome

5. Scream 2


Preceded by: Scream, 1997 (1 year before) RottenTomatoes Rating: 81% There is no denying the influence Scream had on the horror genre. Wes Craven, with the help of a genius script by Kevin Williamson, created something that was acted like a collection of aspects from successful slasher films, but ensured to flip the conventions on their head. It knew the rule book exactly, but, well, sort of decided to go against it. The reason why Scream 2 works so brilliantly l is probably mostly because of Craven and Williamson returning. Williamson's script, although not as good as the first one, is still right on the money in terms of wit, scares, relevance and - of course - satire. Craven's directing is excellent, as always. He's deemed one of the masters of the genre for a reason, you know. This, in addition to the main cast members from the first movie (mostly Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette) reprising their roles made the film feel true to the first. Although the plot is more of the same, the talent involved and the fact that it feels like a wonderfully warm fuzzy reunion for the fans make Scream 2 a worthy addition to the franchise.

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