5 Innocent Movies That Became Toxic

How could anyone possibly use Sonic the Hedgehog to justify sexism?


Every movie that has fans is going to have toxic fans. Anything remotely popular, from films to sports teams to politicians, is going to attract at least some despicable people.

Sometimes, toxic fandom can get out of hand and lead to legitimate "evil" -- which is worse than some stranger cursing you out online for your opinions on Star Wars: Episode VIII -The Last Jedi.

Often, people will bully writers, directors, and actors involved with films they didn't like, sometimes even sending them death threats.

However, the difference between that kind of toxic fan and some of the fans of the entries on this list is that the fans of these entries actually like the movies. They're not sending death threats to creators, they are praising the creators for the wrong reasons.

These fans take unintended messages from these films and use them for evil in the real world. Whether it be xenophobia, violence, or even all out war, these "fans" totally misread the movies they claim to love. Here are five (mostly) innocent films which their toxic fans have tried to use to justify evil.


Richard C. Kraus (Richie to pretty much everyone) is an American college student and world record holder for most views of the 2015 film Ant-Man. He has ambitions to someday be a screenwriter, actor, and not tired.