5 Man Of Steel Questions We Still Need Answered

man of steel cavill poster Man of Steel is one of the most important films to be released this year so far. Not only will it show the way for the films that will lead up to the Justice League movie, but it was also an amazing way to resurrect a character that - while not at 90s Batman levels - needed a fresh start. And while the audience who saw the film is still divided on whether or not it was a good Superman movie there's no denial that it was a huge success. As usual with a movie that will start a new series of franchises many questions happened throughout the movie that while they don't affect the plot of the movie directly (as well as any other movie in the universe for that matter) it will be very interesting to find the answer to any of them, since it could lead up to very interesting plot lines. Here are some of the most interesting questions that could be developed in any of the upcoming sequels for Man of Steel, as well as any of the movies that will end up leading to the Justice League movie.

5. What Happened To Jor-El's Conciousness?

man-of-steel-crowe-jor-el We all know that the General Zod stole Superman's ship in order to rebuild Krypton, and that that ship was destroyed (or at least cut in half) by Superman in the climax of the movie. In that ship it was "installed" the consciousness of Jor-El, who plays a big role in the movie as well. The Kryptonian USB (as I'm going to call it) that contained the original "file" of Jor-El's consciousness was also destroyed when they crashed the airplane against the terraforming device. So the only two ships that contained his memories were completely destroyed in the climax, and there's little to no chance for us to see him again, which is weird considering that he makes constant appearances throughout many of Superman's storylines. However is it possible that the information about his consciousness could've managed to survive through any of those events? We know that Kryptonian technology is way more advanced that anything created by any human, so there's a possibility that some of it can return at some point in order to mentor Superman. And speaking of the final act of Man of Steel...

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