5 minutes of The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass has turned up online. Obviously due to it's length, the footage shows far more than any previous trailer for the movie and if your not at all interested in this flick then it might become a little difficult to sit through. The trailer at least shows that the movie has a story and life of it's own rather than the other one's which just seemed to promote the same old crap. A brave decision to showcase lead star Dakota Blue Richards throughout the trailer as well as it's her debut role, though she looks like she has done a good job. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FOOTAGE The Golden Compass is your fantasty movie this Christmas as it opens in the first week of December throughout most of the globe. In the U.S. it will go directly against the George Clooney comedy Leatherheads (which opens in the U.K. in Feb) and also Atonement (September U.K.) which will be released on somewhat of a limited run. source - coming soon

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