5 Most Badass Film Heroines of 2012

4. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises)

Catwoman has always been a complicated character, never quite putting herself on any specific side, preferring to live in the gray area. While Michelle Pfeiffer€™s Catwoman was decidedly villainous for the majority of Batman Returns, Anne Hathaway€™s Catwoman€™s stance is much more complicated from the start. She€™s in it for herself, and she€™s happy to switch sides at the drop of a hat if it helps her own interests. Perhaps more importantly, the Hathaway version isn€™t motivated by the men in her life. Pfeiffer€™s Selina only became Catwoman to take revenge on Max Shreck, and much of what she does in the film is influenced by (or to influence) the actions of Shreck, the Penguin, or Batman. Hathaway€™s Selina, in contrast, is more independent, thinking for herself, kicking ass instead of dangling ass. She isn€™t afraid to stand up to the powerful men surrounding her in the film. In fact, it is Catwoman, not Batman, that ultimately defeats the juggernaut Bane.
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